The Ultimate Strategy

Discover the financial strategies that successful doctors employ to earn between 30-50k annually through integrated tax reduction and property depreciation strategies.

A comprehensive and straightforward method where you will learn how to create wealth that cannot be ignored in a simple, quick, and effective way.


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    Perhaps you're experiencing some of these issues

    Do you find yourself lacking time and unable to create a strategic investment plan?

    Do you struggle to find quick and efficient professionals whom you trust to execute an investment plan for you?

    Do you experience the false sense of high income until nearing the end of the fiscal year and fear the next bill you’ll have to pay to the ATO?

    Are you afraid your investment property might stay vacant, leaving you to cover the mortgage without rental income?

    You're more than capable of creating a financial strategy that works well for you and your family, one that's impossible to ignore from a financial point of view, even if you...

    have zero knowledge in tax reduction through investment.

     don’t understand anything about investment or how to take the first step to start investing.

    have taken other investment courses, but still find yourself unable to improve your financial position.

    Imagine your family and colleagues praising you for the decisions you’ve made, achieving a good return on your investments, being recognized and admired by the people you work with for the excellence of your solid and assertive decisions, and of course, having much more time and money for your family.

    All of this is possible through the Ultimate Strategy.

    A reliable, proven method that will help you create a personalized financial strategy from start to finish in a quick and objective manner, where you’ll have control of your numbers like never before.

    See what other doctors are saying about the Ultimate Strategy.

    Understand what's happening in the Australian property market

    You need to understand what’s happening to thrive financially, regardless of your level of understanding of the property market

    The biggest and most comprehensive method on investment strategy.

    You’ll learn everything you need to know about the investment method for doctors, from start to finish, with a 360-degree view, covering the creation of your own strategy, developing your step-by-step plan with your accountant, and executing the Ultimate Strategy, which is divided into these 3 pillars

    It's not over yet!

    After registering for the digital event, you will have exclusive access to MEDFLIX. It is a digital platform featuring content from the latest events where hundreds of doctors from the Medigrow community learned how to create their own strategies using the Wealthgoal Software.

    The MedFlix

    After registering
    for the digital event, you will have exclusive access to MEDFLIX. It is a digital platform featuring content from the latest events where hundreds of doctors from the Medigrow community learned how to create their own strategies using the Wealthgoal Software.

    Medigrow AI

    You will receive all the updates about our next digital AI event featuring various renowned speakers in the field of AI, helping the medical community to increase productivity by using AI tools to automate various administrative tools used daily in clinics

    Julio De Laffitte

    The creator of the methodology will be responsible for guiding you on this journey

    Medigrow has been an ally for healthcare professionals in overcoming these challenges, facilitating the path to financial freedom through strategic real estate investments, powerful debt reduction, effective tax planning, and pertinent financial intelligence. Our focus is on investing in Australia, aiming to legally minimize taxes to achieve the best possible retirement situation as soon as possible. Our members significantly fast-track their results with access to our state-of-the-art AI software, designed to identify and correct your sometimes invisible inefficiencies. We have developed specialized real estate investment strategies, from land acquisition and building clinics to residential and commercial investments, to help them achieve their professional and financial goals more effectively and strategically.

    You will gain exclusive access to our 4 specialists at Medigrow to tailor your own financial strategy to execute with your accountant or financial planner of choice

    Also discover our one-on-one training

    It is possible to bring this training to you and your friends in the medical community through an in-person training session.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the event is completely free and online, making it accessible to everyone with internet access and convenient to attend from anywhere.

    To register, enter your name, email, and phone number in the form above and click the “Secure Your Ticket” button. You will receive a confirmation email. Please also check your SPAM folder for the confirmation.

    Yes, you will receive emails and SMS with the link to access the digital event. It is important to mark us as not SPAM to avoid missing the event due to not receiving the link or forgetting the event date. You can opt out at any time if you wish to stop receiving our emails and SMS by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in the message.

    You will learn how to create your own investment strategy using part of the tax you pay annually as an investment. These strategies are tailored by brokers in real time, and you can use them independently at any time.

    Absolutely! This event is designed for individuals of all skill levels, including those new to finance. You’ll find the information accessible and beneficial for building your investment strategy. Additionally, your accountant and financial planner are also welcome to join. Many participants bring their accountants to the event to better understand the strategies together and to execute them independently using all the free tools provided during our digital event.

    All event participants will receive a free recorded course via SMS/email, which includes the entire digital event recorded for you to reference at any time. Additionally, as a bonus, we will provide the AI software we use to help you and your accountant execute the strategy. You will take home the Wealthgoal software complete with step-by-step instructions on how to create your own financial strategy, along with a full recording of the event detailing all the mechanisms to achieve financial independence on your own, using your own accountant or financial planner.

    No. We will not try to sell you any digital courses during the event. In fact, we will provide our digital course for free at the end of the event along with our software. While we will offer consultancy services if you do not have an accountant or financial planner to implement your strategy, this is not a requirement. We actually prefer that you use your own trusted broker, accountant, and financial planner.



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